Health & Saferty, quality and environment (HSQE)

In order to satisfy the requirements of our customers and continuously improve the development of our services, PROJECTS has developed its own set of operating procedures that are the basis for the HSQE System, certified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018

PROJECTS Group HSQE Integrated Management System Policy

Projects & Facilities Management, S.L. and GESCONRED, S.L., are companies specialized in Project Management and Site Supervision for the construction of infrastructures and buildings, as well as in Facility Management for its further operation.

The integrated HSQE system, according to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 standards, supports the company strategic approach in order to accomplish the objectives below:

  1. Satisfy the requirements and expectations expressed by its clients, providing value to them.
  2. Perform its business activity respecting the environment and occupational health and safety.
  3. Ensure the compliance with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements subscribed by the company.
  4. Achieve a continuous improvement in the development of its activity, increasing its competitiveness in the global market.

In order to accomplish these goals, PROJECTS & GESCONRED commit to:

  1. Provide the necessary organizational, technical and human resources in all the projects they manage throughout all its stages, creating high performance teams, thoroughly integrated with the client.
  2. Provide healthy and safety working conditions to prevent work-related injury and ill health, removing hazard and reducing OH&S risks.
  3. Review periodically the HSQE system, determining the risks and opportunities related to the Group’s context, ensuring its suitability to the purpose, size and improvement over time.
  4. Protect the environment by preventing the production of pollution due to its activity.
  5. Promote internal communication, consultation, participation, training and involvement of all the people who collaborate with any project entrusted.
  6. Always act with ethics and professional honesty.

Joaquín M. Fenollosa Doménech



All the subcontractors of PROJECTS Group are submitted to the evaluation of the contracted work. At the end of the work, they are evaluated in terms of time and quality. Unsatisfactory results result in a veto of the supplier. This final evaluation appears on each vendor’s file so that it can be consulted by the rest of the organization.