Project Management

PROJECTS offers its clients the experience, methodology and appropriate resources to ensure the most efficient management and control of projects, as well as obtaining the best technical and economic results in the management of all phases of the project. From the choice of the site and the determination of the program guiding the design to the contracting and management of the construction phase.

With total identification with the interests of our clients, the aim of our teams is to add them value through our management skills.

  • Integrated management of design and construction, Project Management
  • Large-scale operations management, Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Construction management of building and infrastructure works
  • Project monitoring for the execution of works for properties or financial entities
  • Project and construction management in PPP projects
  • Project management with BIM methodology, BIM Management.
  • Cost estimation, monitoring and control of construction costs, Quantity Surveying
  • Planning, programming and operations control, Program management
  • Design and implementation of information systems, document management and reporting
  • Permit, licenses and authorizations process management
  • Procurement management (drafting of specifications, tendering, bid analysis and evaluation, contract proposal)