Reus – Alcover Motorway. Tarragona


Reus (Tarragona)


Reus Alcover Concessionària de la Generalitat de Catalunya, SA


41,4 M €


Infrastructure Construction Management



Works promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia (Regional Government), run as a concession, consisting of the widening of the C-14 between the end of the Reus by-pass and the connection with the C-37 at Alcover. The new road has dual carriageways, each of which has two lanes of 3.50 metres wide, a 2.50m wide outer and a 1.50m inner hard shoulder. Includes four new junctions and three bridges, two over and two underpasses, plus a pedestrian walkway. The work has been divided into two sections:

  • A first section of 5 km from Reus by-pass to the watercourse at La Selva. This section has been widened and the route improved. Three junctions have been created: Reus North Junction new main roadway and service roads giving access to petrol stations, scrap yards and other industries and farms; Selva de Camp – Constante Junction has two new bridges under the existing roundabout; Albiol – Poligono Silva junction with the TV-7223 with a 33-metre overpass connecting Vilallonga Camp to the La Drecera industrial estate and the new motorway, two roundabouts have also been built on either side of the main roadway for better traffic management and to improve the connection to the La Drecera industrial estate over the La Selva watercourse.
  • A second section of 5 km from the Selva waterway to the junction with the C-37, in Alcover. These stretches have been distanced from the old C-14 and a new motorway has been built that runs parallel to the railway. A new junction with the TV-7222 has been built, with two slip roads, a new roundabout, and a new underpass beneath the railway tracks. Also noteworthy is a 45m viaduct above the river Glorieta, in Alcover.