BEST – Barcelona South Europe Terminal


El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)


Terminal Catalunya SAU (Hutchison Port Holdings Group)


Total investment: 500 M€ Civil works investment: - Phase 1: 87 M€ - Phase 1b: 35,5 M€ Buildings investment: 24,3 M€


Construction and Project Management Execution


Completed (2016)

Construction of the new container terminal BEST at Port of Barcelona to Terminal Catalunya SAU (Hutchison Port Holdings Group).

Phase 1: During the first phase of the works of the terminal Construction Management tasks were carried out, assuming the role of “Engineer” in FIDIC terminology. This phase extends over an area of ​​60 ha, 1 km of maneuvering area and cope beam equipment for 8 STS cranes for Super Post-Panamax vessels. It also includes the railway terminal, 8 dual-gauge tracks with 750 m of operating length, the area of ​​access control, and 18 blocks for automated stacking equipped with a total of 36 high speed automated cranes, with associated transfer zones and internal roads. It includes rails, anchoring elements and the entire infrastructure of the support beams, with piled foundations. Regarding the service networks, the works 25 kV income substations and 15 kV internal power supply networks, lighting, water,and drainage are included.

The tasks also cover the Project Management of the construction of 5 buildings within the terminal: workshop for vehicles and equipment maintenance, technical building, container freight and inspection building, parking and the new corporate headquarters of the company.

Phase 1b: Design of the 20 ha expansion project, and Construction Management work, including the role of “Engineer” in FIDIC terminology. Works cover the construction and equipping of 560m maneuvering area, 9 blocks of automated stacking transfer zones and road partners, 12,500 mexpansion of the Over Flow Area in front of the railway terminal, and the construction of a new 25 kV main entrance substation, and the expansion and reorganization of inner 15 kV distribution rings, for greater operability and safety. The foundations,  rail beams and equipment for all the cranes are also included.

The terminal has been left fully operational and ready for future expansion to a total of 40 stacks.