New bus depot Zona Franca




TMB - Transports de Barcelona


94 M €


Project management


2020 - 2026

Design and construction of new bus depots (CON) for Transports de Barcelona (TB) in Barcelona Zona Franca, ​​replacing the current CON Zona Franca in operation, which will absorb the operation of the current CON Ponent affected by a UDP (urban development plan), accommodating a minimum of 550 buses and becoming the only CON to provide bus service in the Llobregat area of ​​the city of Barcelona (South Zone).

Main magnitudes:

– CON ZF 1: 46,000 m2 and capacity for 333 buses
– CON PONENT: 18,500 m2 and capacity for 158 buses
– Annex Port: 15,500 m2 and capacity for 132 buses
– Technology and Logistics Center: 19,000 m2
– New CON Zona Franca: 115,000 m2, including 25,000 m2 of elevated slab for parking // minimum capacity for 550 buses // supply of CNG, Hydrogen and 40 charging points (expandable in the future) for electric buses // 4 washing tunnels // 2 rolling stock maintenance workshops with 30 lines in total and 58 jobs + 2 ITV lines // One service point, offices for TB Directors, jobs positions for CON staff, meeting rooms, training rooms, assembly hall, terrace, car park for workers and visitors // Central Workshop, Telecommunications, Fleet Reception and TMB Central Warehouse.

Main services provided are Project Management, consultancy and writing of operative and organizational processes, as well as the Integrated  Direction of the project and construction works.