Supervision and coordination of works concerning Barcelona Metro




Ferrocarrils Metropolitans de Barcelona (FMB)


90,3 M €


Project Management


Completed (2011)

Supervision of works by third parties (Authorities) affecting the operation of the Metro, including demolition of the old facilities and the implementation of new ones, adapting them for the disabled and to the new regulations governing evacuation and services, enlarging the available space (lobbies of 200m² enlarged up to 2,000m²) and intermodal connections between different transport modes.

The technical support service given to TMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport) includes the supervision of work carried out by third parties ensuring the enforcement of regulations and the monitoring of planning, the overseeing of impact and reversal, monitoring of prevention measures, coordination of different TMB departments, review of As-Built projects, as well as various structural calculations, studies and resolving problems related to TMB facilities, always bearing in mind the future operator.

Amongst overseen works, the following are of note:
  • Sagrera transport interchange
  • New Mercat Nou station
  • Coverage of the TMB railway platform giving access to Sants Station
  • Arc de Triomf interchange
  • Sagrera-Meridiana interchange
  • L9/L10 connection with L5 at Felipe II
  • Sagrera Main Station (L5)