Redevelopment of the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes




Infrastructures Llevant de Barcelona, SA


23 M €


Project Management Infrastructure Construction Management Health and Safety Coordination


Completed (2007)

Work to cover a major section of the Gran Via de les Corts Catalans in Barcelona between Bac de Roda, Cantabria and Extremadura, phases V and VI. Particularly worthy of mention is the development of the area gained by covering this road, also the construction of two semi-underground car parks built for the Cantabria - Rambla Prim and Bac de Roda - Selva de Mar zones. Each contains 324 parking spaces in 2 elongated plants of 248.45m with a total area of 8327.63m² (totalling 650 spaces in 16,655.26m² including both sectors).

This scheme has involved working around a multitude of existing services and designing, with great care, the transitions between different planes due to their large difference in elevation.