Redevelopment and refurbishment of public spaces in Terrassa. FEIL 2009 and FEOSL 2010 works.




Ajuntament de Terrassa


FEIL 2009: 8,9 M € FEOSL 2010: 12,2 M €


Project Management and Health and Safety Coordination


Completed (2009 - 2011)

Infrastructure, redevelopment and refurbishment of public spaces funded by FEIL 2009 (State Fund for Local Investment) in Terrassa:
  • Refurbishment of Sant Jordi Park.
  • Construction of Vallparadís Torrent drain, between Torras i Bages St. and the Ruby Road.
  • Footbridge between the Segle XX and Can Palet quarters.
  • Adaptations of the existing bridge at Cami dels Plans de Can Bonvilar and the junction with the Torrent de la Betzuca.
  • Improvement work on the urban space in Plaça de l'Aigua.
  • Development of Avenida Barcelona, between Mare de Deu del Carme St. and Mare de Deu de la Llum St.
  • Urbanization works for the opening of Rafael Campalans Olesa St., on the Olesa road.
  • Urbanization works for the extension of Infant Marti St., development of Ronda de Ponent Square and the substitution of the Ponent drain in Athens St.
  • Development of Pare Llaurador St., between Gallileo St. and Frederic Soler St.
Development and infrastructure work, and renovation of public buildings funded by FEOSL 2010 (State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability) in Terrassa. Of particular note:
  • Development works on the fifth phase of Vallparadís (56,000m²).
  • Development works on Can-Vallparadís (36,000m²).
  • Partial redevelopment of the central building, cloister and chapel of the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia.
  • Works to improve the accessibility to Can Boada Retirement Home
  • Works to extend Avel·li Estrenjer Civic Centre.
  • Works to restore the gardens by Plaça Primer de Maig car park applying sustainability criteria. Energy efficiency and waste treatment improvement.