One Parc Central office building






Project Management


2018 - 2022

Office building of 27.754 m2 located at 22 @ in Barcelona, in front of Poblenou Central Park. The building reaches 52m in height with a ground floor, a technical floor and 11 floors of open-plan offices. Besides, there are 3 basements dedicated to parking and in basement 1 there are also spaces linked to the use of offices: gym, multipurpose room and changing rooms. The ground floor and the first floor recede with respect to the volume of the building in order to make way under the two sides of the building and give permeability to the interior of Can Ricart area.

Floors 2 to 11 have a square geometry. The geometry of the terraces is rectangular on the 2nd floor, where the terrace boundary is aligned with the building, and as we go upstairs, the terrace grows at one end, so that they gradually align with the trace of the streets of the Eixample. The 12th floor has the same layout as the lower floors, but with more space for the terrace.