New Hospital Clínic




Hospital Clínic i Provinvial de Barcelona


190 M €


Project Management


Completed (2012)

Extension work on the Hospital Clínico of Barcelona, consisting of a new building of 56,000m² of floor space between the ground floor + 6 floors above ground (25,976m² for healthcare use and 1,596m² + 1,197m² of courtyard for fire service use) and 4 floors below ground level (20,756m² for healthcare use and 7,397m² for parking). The scheme involves new construction, renovation and developmental work:
  • Demolition of the old fire station.
  • Construction of a new building shared by the Hospital, a fire station and a car park. This building consists of two main sections designed around the needs of a fire station: one with a ground floor, upper floor and roof for administrative use and another with a ground floor (Equipment Storage) with more height needed to develop its use as a vehicle parking zone. At the back of the building there is a courtyard for fire drills.
  • New passageways beneath Duran i Reynals Square.
  • Restructuring of various zones of the existing Hospital.
  • Urbanization of all areas affected by the construction of the new building
In the first phase, the steps taken consist of the demolition of the old fire station in order to have space for the new hospital building and the construction of a temporary fire station in Parc de l'Escorxador to replace the demolished one.