New Encants Flea Market






46 M €


Project Management


Completed (2013)

Construction of the New Encants Flea Market in Barcelona, designed to hold the traditional “Encants Vells” or Bellcaire Fair, one of the oldest Markets in Europe. The new amenities, on 35.440m² of constructed surface area, built on a plot of 7634m², are divided between two floors below ground and an upper floor where are to be found the logistics area, stores, offices, services and public car park for 335 cars, 310 motorcycles and 117 bicycles. Above ground is the 5,173m² commercial area with installations for 266 shops and 479 prefabricated stalls.

As established in the contract conditions, the works have been carried out in different phases. First earthmoving and anchored wall foundations with an area of 5,900m² and 500 tons of iron, the second the building of the Market, and the third phase is the commercial outfitting and shops. A mark of the uniqueness of this project, and particularly noteworthy, is the 9,226m² of zinc roof at a height of 24m above ground, serving as a porch.

This work has also meant the diversion and construction of a new drain of 2.00 x 2.50m and a length of 130m, and the opening of a new street and the development of the surrounding area.