New “Basque Y” TGV line. Gipuzkoa: Ezkio – Beasain section




Euskal Trenbide Sarea and IDOM, Ingeniería y consultoría SA


122,7 M €


Technical assistant to infrastructure construction management


Completed (2014)

Work on the “Basque Y” in Gipuzkoa on the sections Ezkio/Itsaso - Ezkio/Itsaso and Ezkio / Itaso-Beasain. The Ezkio / Itsaso-Beasain stretch runs through the municipalities of Ezkio/ Itsaso, Ormaiztegi and Beasain. This sector has a length of 2533.57m, of which 2284m are tunnel and there is a 100m viaduct (Jauregui). Atsusain tunnel has a total length of 585.85m, and Sorozarreta tunnel is 1746.09 m long.

The Ezkio/Itsaso - Ezkio/Itsaso section crosses 2,840m of the town and needs the construction of three viaducts in Ezkio/Itsaso: Santa Luzi I (272m), Zabalegi I (272m) and Errezti (223m);

two overpasses (one over the tracks to maintain the Gi-3351 road and the other above the Igastzabal watercourse), and sidings built on a 245.41m concrete slab on piles which will act as a platform for the future station.