Network implementation of environmental monitoring devices in the Ebro Delta


Delta de l'Ebre (Tarragona)


Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterraneas, SA (ACUAMED)


15,4 M €


Infrastructure Construction Management


Completed (2012)

Building a network of measuring devices to determine the magnitude, extent and frequency of existing problems in the Ebro Delta and the conservation status of ecosystems. Implantation of permanent monitoring stations, automatic and manual, in addition to a sample analysis laboratory. The network consists of:
  • 15 SAICA stations
  • 41 flow measurement points
  • 7 sediment measurement stations
  • 6 deep piezometers
  • 56 points to measure subsidence in the Delta
  • 8 points to measure coastal hydrodynamics
  • 2 tidal gauges