Modification of the bottom outlet of the dam “El Yeso” and interconnection witht “Azulillos” sector (Caya, Chile)


San José de Maipo (Región Metropolitana)


Aguas Andinas, SA


14 M €


Project Management


En curso

Construction and operation of a hydraulic pipeline line between El Yeso bottom outlet  and Azulillo drains camera capture, of
Laguna Negra aqueduct, distant 5 km. downstream of the dam.

The main objective is capture excellent water quality of the El Yeso dam and transport it to Laguna Negra aqueduct, in rainfall episodes or similar when the water quality of the Maipo River is not correct. The total length of the work is 4.832 km and the total length of  pipeline installed is 4.423 km

The work is divided into two sections:
Section 1: from referral to the tunnel exit discharge El Yeso untill the chamber cut pressure. This section has a length of about 1,5 km and it is designed in pipe steel D = 1.100 mm with HDPE liner.
Section 2: from the chamber cuts pressure untill the projected chamber, upstream of Azulillo drains chamber. The project involves the construction of a aqueduct  with reinforced concrete water pipe:  DN = 1.450 mm (except for the stretch between 4,030 and 4,084 kp on the Yeso river is crossed and where the steel pipe is D = 1.500 mm)