Mas Moregons Residential Estate


El Catllar (Tarragona)


Esquemes Els Jardins del Centre, SL


7,8 M €


Project Management


Completed (2007)

Development of an area of 25 ha for the "Mas Moregons" estate in El Catllar (Tarragona). The work consists of 117,000m² of developable land, 64,000m² of roads and 26,000m² of parks. All roads are two lane, one for each direction, except for the main avenue which has two lanes in each direction with a green central reservation separating the lanes.

Of particular note are a rainwater reservoir of 1,700m³ and a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with a sewage treatment capacity equivalent to 1,000 inhabitants. The project was finalised with the construction of drains, sewage network, water distribution, supply and distribution of electricity, telecommunications and street lighting network, paving and street furniture as well as planting trees, an irrigation system and landscaping.