Investment Programming Service, Coordination and Support to BIMSA Management Team (Barcelona d’Infrastructures Municipals, SA)




Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipals, S.A. (BIMSA)


900 M € (2001-2012)


Information, planning and operations control systems



Programming, monitoring and control of BIMSA’s investment activities:
  • Definition, monitoring and updating of the General Work Programme associated with BIMSA’s Investment Plan.
  • Definition and implementation of the monitoring reports and supervising the implementation status of the BIMSA General Work Programme.
  • Liasing with Barcelona Council Investment Directorate for all questions related to the BIMSA Investment Plan and its development.

Fulfilling coordination and technical support tasks with BIMSA Functional Areas and Services, for issues related to actions and investment:
  • Support for the preparation of technical documentation required for processing in addition to project and works budget allocation.
  • Monitoring and control of production and cash flow forecasts.
  • Control of budgetary availability in the tendering process, procurement, certification and clearance of projects, works and services.

Implementation of support work to BIMSA management team
  • Preparation of explanatory and support documentation needed at BIMSA Board Meetings.
  • Preparation of explanatory and support documentation needed at addresses given by BIMSA management team.
  • Preparing reports and corporate technical dossiers