Facility Management for Inmobiliaria Colonial




Inmobiliaria Colonial, S.A.


Facility Management for different assets, property of Inmobiliaria Colonial in Barcelona.


Work in progress.

Management, coordination and control of all the activities, to provide the optimal facilities and services operation performed in the property’s assets, keeping the best condition yield, service to users and cost, safeguarding property’s and people security, who work or either visit them.

Manager’s technical functions:
– Project and construction management.
– Operation management.
– Management with requirement status.

Tasks of Project Management are carried out to restore different areas of the buildings.

The different buildings owned by Immobiliaria Colonial in Barcelona where the  Facility Management service is provided are:
– Building at Av. Diagonal 530, street.
– Building at Av. Diagonal 682, street.
– Torre Barcelona building in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 130, street.
– Illacuna building in Llacuna, 56-70, street.
– Berlín-Numància building at Berlín, 38-40 / Numància, 46, street.
– Sant Cugat Nord building at plaça Xavier Cugat, 2, street.
– Building at Via Augusta, 21, street.
– Building at Diagonal, 409, avenue.
– Parc Glòries building at Ciutat de Granada, 150, street.
– Building at Diagonal, 197, avenue.
– Building ar Plaça Europa, 40-42, square.
– Til·lers building
– Building at Travessera de Gràcia, 47, street.