Deployment of the AUNA telecommunications network in Catalonia




AUNA Telecomunicaciones, SA


30 M €


Project Management


Completed (1999-2004)

From October 1999 to 2004 GESCONRED worked in collaboration with MENTA (AUNA - ONO) as a supplier of consulting services and technical assistance on a number of different tasks, in a combination of staff and on-line functions, which has proven most effective in achieving results. The tasks carried out during this period were the following:
  • Staff management of network construction and the management of strategic projects planning.
  • Construction Project Management.
  • Direct assistance in the Project Management of network construction and adaptation.
  • Technical assistance for monitoring and controlling network installation.
  • Assistance on network saturation.
  • Project Management of operations and maintenance.
  • Assistance on network operations and maintenance.
  • Assistance on technology and planning.
  • Territorial management support.