Rural Wastewater National Plan (PNSR). Group 3 and Group 4.


Perú (varias regiones)


Programa Nacional de Saneamiento Rural (PNSR). Ministerio de Vivienda. Construcción y saneamiento del Perú


Engineering projects supervision, coordination and audit


Finalizado (2013-2014)

Supervision, coordination and audit for the different reports and projects presented to the PNSR by the engineering consultants contracted to design the projects.

The projects are pre-investment studies and construction projects of rural drinking water and sanitation for 298 villages (Group 3) and 201 villages (Group 4) in the central and southern areas of Peru. The projects aim to locate sources of drinking water, design a water supply and sanitation system in the populated centers chosen by the program to reduce childhood diarrheal diseases, as well as make the population aware of the need to have access to drinking water and sanitation for health reasons.