City of Justice of Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat


Barcelona and L'Hospitalet




225 M €


Technical audit and Facility Management


Technical audit completed (2007-2012) Facility Management (2013-2017)

The Law Courts in Barcelona are housed in a 250,000m² complex consisting of 8 buildings which houses the main courts of Barcelona as well as other services related to the administration of justice. The development includes 6 buildings managed by the Department of Justice to house courtrooms, holding cells, IMELEC (Institute of Legal Medicine) etc. The other two buildings are operated by the concessionaire as offices for private tenants and include commercial premises (there are 7 restaurants) on the ground floor. The complex also has a car park, an auditorium and a public square.

PROJECTS began its participation in the City of Justice of Barcelona with a technical audit of the buildings, which was carried out before delivery of the work by the contractor. Following a satisfactory audit, PROJECTS now supports URBICSA (the concession-holder) in the implementation of the security systems and the management of the facilities, in document management and licensing the final phase of work. Eventually, the team became an extension of the structure of URBICSA’s Operations Management for Facilities Management.

PROJECTS continues to provide considerable support to URBICSA in its Facilities Management role, both at a technical and methodological level, and also for document management by means of a team on the ground that reports to the Director of Operations.