Capturing and digitising ENDESA’s Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Networks in Catalonia (FECSA) and Andalusia (SEVILLE)


Catalonia and Andalusia






Management of deployment and maintenance of utilities


Completed (2010)

GESCONRED (in Joint Venture with ESINOR) has developed, for FECSA-ENDESA (2003-2010) and SEVILLANA-ENDESA (2006-2009), an integral procedure for the capture and digitisation of 285,000 network connection points in Catalonia (divided between two electrical areas: Baix Llobregat and Vallès-Maresme), and 450,000 connection points in the province of Seville.

This procedure was carried out using two types of teams in each area: network capture teams (consisting of 10, 12 and 20 technicians respectively, organised into groups of 2 people with one leader per team) and digitising teams (consisting of CAD technicians with specific training in GIS programs from FECSA-ENDESA). To this end a software application was also developed for production control and the invoicing of work, as well as to generate monthly reports.

The equipment used to carry out this work was: Ariadne ILF-6 line identifiers and Mesegur FM9860 underground cable locators, property of GESCONRED and homologated by FECSA-ENDESA.