71 homes in Sardana Square in Rubí


Rubí (Barcelona)


Solvia Development, SL


6,4 M €


Project Management Building Construction Management


Completed (2010)

New construction of a multi-family residential building of 71 homes with a floor surface area of 11,540m² divided between two buildings, car parks and retail space located on the road to Terrassa, Plaza de la Sardana in Ruby (Vallès Occidental).

The building on the road to Terrassa has two underground floors with capacity of 81 parking spaces, a ground floor for commercial use and, depending on which stairwell, between 4 and 6 standardised floors plus corresponding attics. The Plaza de la Sardana building has a basement floor and four floors of dwellings plus attic space.

Both buildings are adjacent to a new green area for public use that is accessed through the back of the ground floor entrance halls of each building and which has also been subject of this contract.